“This is the day upon which history turns. Although we don't know the origins of the term ‘good Friday,’ the terrible and awe-full events of this day change everything for everyone for all time. If you have never walked through the full story of Jesus's trial, flogging, crucifixion, and death, consider making time this day to do so.” (Tara Owens, Holy Week for the Rest of Us) One way to engage this story in a more fully embodied way is to sit with the Stations of the Cross. In many churches, there are actual stations set up with artwork and images showing 14(ish) different scenes from Jesus’ “good Friday.” If you would like to engage the Stations this year, our Abbey Prior, Jeremy Frye, will be guiding us through them later today (if you missed the morning one!), using poetry and art to invite us into seeing these moments more deeply (register for the 6pm Zoom meeting in the Abbey "Events"). For this morning, consider: how did this day “change everything”, for you? In your own story, what have these last moments of Jesus’ life meant for you? How is this Friday "good", in the midst of the awful reality of pain and death? Feel free to share, or just sit with your answer with God today.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-04-02 14:49:59 UTC