Midday Meditation: Today, either read The Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15, Lectio Divina-style (steps below), OR sit with this image as a “Visio Divina” (Divine Seeing - modification below). Lectio Divina: First, read through it once – very slowly. Notice what word or phrase shimmers for your attention. It could be the smallest or most seemingly insignificant word in the passage, but if you notice it, pay attention to that. Take a few moments in silence to name the word or phrase that called to you. Hold it quietly with God. --- [Visio modification: For the first step, lectio, instead of reading the passage, you’re going to “read” the image. Sit with it for a length of time. Gaze at it. What are the lines, the colors, the textures? Notice where your eye is drawn, and where you avoid looking. Notice what feelings come up in connection with the image. If there is one particular piece of the image that settles with you, then move on to the rest of the usual Lectio Divina steps (meditation, prayer, contemplation – described below).] --- Read through the passage a second time, and begin to meditate on the word or phrase that has come up for you. Consider how it connects with your life, your work, your relationships. It may have seemed super-random at first; are there any connections God might be inviting you to see, as you pause to pay attention? Then, read through one last time, and talk to God about what has come up for you. Ask him questions. Tell him your thoughts and feelings about it. See how God responds to you. Last, when you’re done reading, meditating, and praying with what has come up, simply rest in silence with God. Be present to each other quietly – no words necessary for this part. Just be. Together. --- If you did the Visio Divina with the image this time, how did that feel different than Lectio, for you? Feel free to share here what came up (whether you did Lectio or Visio)! (Image: Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son", c. 1661-1669)

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2020-11-10 18:30:49 UTC