Though there are other disciples present, and John is the one describing the scene, the scene in John chapter 21 seems to center on Peter’s experience. Imagine what he must have been feeling in that boat, that early morning. He had failed at following Christ all the way through to the end. He had denied he even *knew* him - and Jesus knew it. That scene where Jesus looks Peter in the eye and the rooster crows… shudder. Could you feel like any more of a failure after that? After pledging your life to following this Messiah, wherever that might take you; and then not even be able to acknowledge you had any connection to him when asked by a little servant girl?? How must Peter have been feeling in these intervening days? What must he imagine Jesus thinks of him? So, in a way, it almost makes sense that we see him back out fishing. Almost like he thinks he’s lost his chance with being a Jesus-follower, even after he sees him alive, resurrected. Then, in that early dawn, somehow he has failed, too, at what he *knew* how to do - the only way he knew how to be, if life with Jesus wasn't going to be a reality anymore. Here he is, fishing all night, his nets coming up empty. Just sit with Peter in that early dawn moment for a bit. Put yourself there, in his shoes. What was he experiencing with his five senses, in that early morning air? What was he feeling, thinking about, remembering, wishing? When have you felt those same ways? Like you've failed miserably at the things most important to you? In your career? Relationships?Parenting? Life with God? What do you find yourself doing, in those moments and seasons that you feel like a failure? Stay with Peter here, today, in those moments just *before* Jesus calls to them and everything changes. As he looks over the edge of the boat at the empty waters below. What if that is exactly the kind of moment *you* are in right now? The *just before*? How does that change things, for you?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-04-22 13:51:17 UTC