We left off with Peter on the boat, feeling his failure: at following and at fishing. Then: Jesus. He calls from the beach, sounding almost playful as he inquires about the success of their expedition, then telling them to lower their nets one.more.time. As they do, something is surely "clicking" for Peter. Three years ago, way back at the beginning, Peter has been fishing all night, catching nothing. Jesus tells him where to put down his nets, and they catch more fish than their nets - and boats! - can handle! Peter's response at the time was "Go away from me!" because he felt he didn't deserve to be here, with him. This time, though? Something in him must have been transformed the last few years, because instead of pushing Jesus away (despite Peter’s continued awareness of his failure), he throws on his clothes and jumps into the water! As he splashes toward shore, you have to wonder if another experience with Jesus is coming up for Peter – the one where he tries to walk on water with Jesus and is eventually rescued by Jesus’ sure hand. Over and over again, throughout the gospels, we see Peter’s bold approach to life with Jesus – and here it is again. And Jesus seems to be intentionally inviting Peter, calling him out with these reminiscences. Then, they have breakfast. (Perhaps after a big, sopping wet hug?) The next time we see Peter is when he and Jesus are talking about whether Peter loves Jesus (“Of course I do!” Peter reiterates each of the times Jesus asks, pained by the question and his awareness of his recent failure to do just that) and Jesus giving him his new marching orders: Feed my sheep. This is understood by many to be the moment Peter is put in charge of what the church will be after Jesus’ ascension. So, in a few minutes, Peter goes from utter failure to being entrusted with the future of Jesus' followers. Wow. Imagine if that was you - what would you be feeling? How might you be protesting? How *does* this connect with your story?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-04-23 14:22:50 UTC