The Spirit of Life. …of grace. …of holiness. …of truth. …of justice. …of wisdom. Helper. Advocate. Comforter. The Breath of God. Counselor. Guide. Teacher. Giver of Love, …Joy, …Peace, …Patience, …Kindness, …Goodness, …Faithfulness, …Gentleness, …Self-Control. *This* is the person whose presence we await. This is who we celebrate at Pentecost. Sometimes we can lose sight of this, in the midst of remembering the supernatural manifestations of the Spirit’s coming at Pentecost. We think only of the gale-force winds and tongues of fire licking the heads of the gathered, and forget the rest of the good gift of the Spirit-with-us. Which of these descriptions of the Spirit resonates with you this morning? Which one(s) do you find yourself especially longing for this Pentecost? Consider praying a breath prayer the rest of this week - something like “Come, Spirit of Life” or “Comforter, I need your kindness” – as a way of anticipating this coming. See what emerges in you – what needs or wants or hopes for God’s presence and transforming power come up as you consider this Spirit we will be celebrating on Sunday?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2021-05-20 14:02:33 UTC