Is it hard for you to listen to God? If you have tried spending any length of time listening (this week, or whenever!) for the voice of God, what has it been like? Did you leave feeling more connected…or more alone/confused? Were you so overwhelmed by all your own “stuff” swirling around in the silence that you knew you wouldn’t be able to hear, even if someone *was* speaking into that silent place in you? Sometimes, when we are having a hard time listening to God (or even trusting that God is truly listening well to us - that our prayers aren't just "bouncing off the ceiling" as so many have described it), it can be helpful to have another person with us in that process. Whether this is a friend you trust to enter those spaces with you, or a spiritual director whose job it is to do just that, the presence of another listening with us/on our behalf can be one of the greatest gifts. If you find yourself longing for this, but unsure where to start, spiritual direction can be a great place to lean in with another to listening to what God is up to in your life. Adele Ahlberg Calhoun says this: “Spiritual Direction is a relationship that allows one to assist another in discerning God’s activity and presence in his or her life. This relationship assumes that we all need help to listen to God and live out his call. In the busyness of everyday life we can become blind and deaf to the river of life that flows in and around us all. A spiritual director listens with one ear to God and the other to the directee to recognize where God can be found throughout the journey. At its core, spiritual direction attends to the faithfulness and initiative of God. The Holy Spirit is really the Director of the time together as both parties pay attention to God’s movements and call.” So, how about you? Have you ever considered entering into this kind of relationship with a spiritual director? Do you have an “anam cara” – a soul friend – who can attend to your heart and God’s, together with you? What kind of invitation might there be for you this week, as we’ve spent time noticing what it is to listen – to God, to our own inner worlds, and to others?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-06-04 14:28:00 UTC