Well, friends, it is officially summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), as of this past week. Many of us have felt it already, with the heat breaking records in many of the Western States. This first week of summer has meant different things for each of us. Perhaps our experience has been more moderate, only beginning to notice the temperatures rising, the earth warming under bare feet. Or maybe we’ve had summer rain or hail, and all that comes with that. Consider for a moment what this first week of summer has been for you. How have you experienced life - in your body, on earth, in summertime - this week? We will be exploring together some of the connections between this season of summer and our spiritual lives, as we continue to move into the long, light-filled (and sometimes unbearably hot) days ahead. What immediately comes up for you as you consider that connection – between summer and your spiritual life? Where do you see God in summertime? What do you see of yourself? How do this season and your soul reflect each other (or not)? Feel free to share your initial thoughts here, as we begin attending to the summer season together this week.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-06-28 13:30:13 UTC