If a spiritual winter season is a time to lie still, fallow, at rest while rooting deeper to find nourishment in the darkness… And a spring season in our spiritual lives looks like new life beginning to spring up from buried seeds, a time of hope and renewal… Then a spiritual summer is that time when what has grown up in us begins to bear fruit – sweet, ripe, juicy fruit. A season where leaning into the present moment has all our senses stirring us to life. There are good things ripening everywhere. How might you lean into the fruit of this season in your spiritual life? Can you name what are the seeds that have grown up into life-bearing, fruiting plants in you? Consider that the summer is not usually a time to work the ground, but a time to enjoy the fruit. Yes, there is still maintaining that needs to happen – our fruiting vines will wither and die without enough water, and there are weeds to deal with, to be sure (and even finding and picking the ripened fruit is work!). But do you find you are able to let yourself rest some, if your soul is in this kind of a season? Can you enjoy it? Or do you find yourself feeling like you *should* be doing some kind of work that has been necessary in the past? What if that particular work was good and needed *then*, but you are being invited into a different way of being in this season? What might that look like for you? What comes up in you with those words?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2021-06-29 13:52:53 UTC