We’ve been talking about (spiritual) summer as a welcome, warm respite from seasons that have been colder and more difficult. But there is also the side of summer that – in many places – extreme heat can be not only miserable, but dangerous. Instead of seeing the fruit we might expect, there may be wilting and even death of some kinds of flora and fauna in this hot, dry season. Storms and wildfires are all-too-common summer dangers as well. What do you make of some of the more nefarious sides of summer, when it comes to spiritual life? Have you had the experience of being in a fruitful season of life that just kept getting hotter until finally, you burned out? What are the things you need in this season to stay healthy? Are there sources of water that can keep you hydrated, even as you enjoy (or not) the heat and all it brings? What might it be to take a break from those triple-digit-heat days and come into a place that is air conditioned and cool? It is not weakness that makes you long for this kind of respite, nor is it ungratefulness for all the gifts of the season. It is how you were built, and to deny your body or soul these sources of hydration - or even just a break in the shade of a tree in the middle of a hot day’s work – doesn’t do anyone any good. So, this morning, pause and consider: what are the things that feel like water to your soul? How can you lean in and drink deeply of these places, in the midst of a season of abundance, yes, but also heat? How does *your* soul need to be cared for in a summer season? What might it look like to pause in the shade or even come fully inside for a bit of respite from the long, hot days? How might God meet you in those places? In your longing for relief, in your need for a reliable source of water?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2021-07-02 14:04:55 UTC