The anonymous 14th century work known as The Cloud of Unknowing is the classic text on this apophatic way of being-with God, wordlessly, beyond "understanding". It says this, of the contemplative prayer that ushers us into Mystery: "When you first begin, you find only darkness, and as it were a cloud of unknowing. You don’t know what this means except that in your will you feel a simple steadfast intention reaching out towards God. Do what you will, and this darkness and this cloud remain between you and God… Reconcile yourself to wait in this darkness as long as is necessary, but still go on longing after him whom you love." - The Cloud of Unknowing Have you had experience of this "darkness", this "unknowing"? How does it feel to know that this is something that has been experienced by countless other Christians through the ages - and particularly by ones who dedicated their lives to seeking this Mystery that is God?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-07-07 13:36:27 UTC