Ashley Hales - author, speaker, and host of The Finding Holy podcast – has a new book coming out at the end of the summer: “A Spacious Life: Trading Hustle and Hurry for the Goodness of Limits.” It’s a book about limits, with a title about spaciousness. Sorry, what? That is not a connection our souls tend to make – limits as a way of fostering spaciousness – is it? In the description from the book’s Amazon page, it says: “We're told that freedom and opportunity are our ticket to the good life. Get out there and follow your dreams! Be the hero of your own story! Find your happiness! Live your best life! It seems that limitless possibilities await anyone with vision and willingness to hustle their way through life. The thing is, instead of resulting in a sense of accomplishment, this limitlessness merely has us doing more and trying harder―leaving us depleted and dissatisfied... Contrary to what we've believed, the spacious life is not found in unfettered options or accomplished by our hustle and hurry." Instead, the book says, the life we are longing for is found precisely within our limits: "good limits given to us by our good God." How does all that land with you? Does that connection - that living within the gift of our limits is *precisely* what opens up a spacious place for us - resonate with you? Do you long for spaciousness in your life? What might it look like to name some of the limits in your life right now - and call them good? Acknowledge that they are not *barriers* to your freedom, but that they *make space* for it. Call them a good gift from a good God? See if you can come up with a couple of examples from your own life right now - and share them with us, so we can see together what freedom and goodness can come from embracing our limits!

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-07-13 14:23:29 UTC