One last post from our friend and spiritual director, @Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen, for the week: All week, we’ve been talking about foraging as a spiritual practice, in both a very literal way, but also what foraging has to teach us about how we move through life. Today I wonder what it means to forage for your spirituality? If you are like me, your faith and beliefs have shifted as you have journeyed through life. When this happens, it can feel like our spiritual practices that were once nourishing have become stale and tasteless, even mouldy or toxic! What might it look like to intentionally gather new spiritual practices and ways of being in the world that truly nourish and feed our souls? What allows you to “taste and see that God is good” in this season of faith? To trust that there is goodness available to you if you seek it out?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2021-08-13 15:00:33 UTC