My friend, Elisa, who knows suffering, posted this quote today in light of all the pain: COVID, Afghanistan, Haiti, the discoveries at residential schools, and all the large and small pains that we are each experiencing on so many levels. It grounded me, and I was grateful for it. "Who then are the mourners? The mourners are those who have caught a glimpse of God’s new day, who ache with all their being for that day’s coming, and who break out into tears when confronted with its absence.... The Stoics of antiquity said: Be calm. Disengage yourself. Neither laugh nor weep. Jesus says: Be open to the wounds of the world. Mourn humanity's mourning, weep over humanity's weeping, be wounded by humanity's wounds, be in agony over humanity's agony. But do so in the good cheer that a day of peace is coming.... The mourners are the aching visionaries." Nicholas Wolterstorff, Lament for a Son

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2021-08-17 01:44:46 UTC