In her most recent “The Next Right Thing” podcast episode, Emily P. Freeman explores holding on to hope, in the midst of everything. She says this: “What can we do when faced with the heartbreak of humanity? When faced with the brokenness, not only around me, but within me? What can we do – what WILL we do? Well, we listen. And when we feel ready to say words, we pause and listen some more.” Have you ever thought of listening as an act of hope? Who in your life (or what in you) needs to be listened to today? How does taking that time and that posture of listening cultivate hope for you, for them? How is it like tending to seeds in the darkness, trusting that life will begin to emerge over time? Lean in today. Really choose to listen to someone (even if that is what your own soul is trying to speak). Let it be an act of hopeful resistance to the rhythms of life we tend to find ourself in – the ones that pull us away from attention, always rushing on to whatever's next. Pause. And listen. And hope. (You can listen to The Next Right Thing podcast here:

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-09-17 14:24:04 UTC