Friends. We're so grateful that you're here. Truly. We love having this space available, and because of the incredible gift of our cantor community, to be able to offer live morning and evening prayer in the Chapel. Over the next few weeks we're going to be opening some listening rooms for small groups to gather for group discernment or listening groups, to guide some holy, contemplative community together. We're going to open the Scriptorium, where we have monthly discussion of suggested resources (starting with John O'Donohue's Anam Cara). We delight in providing this place free of charge. It's not pay-to-play, and we don't ever want to have to make it that way. We are a community of Celtic contemplatives, seekers, wonderers, and those who are on a journey. We are diverse and beautiful, and, we hope, accessible. We do need your support in order to continue to offer this space. To help us pay @Jeremy Frye, Prior for the work he does, providing the Sundays at the Abbey and the time of coffee and connection, as well as group spiritual direction for the Cloister community. We also pay for this platform, and do so through donations and raising support in various ways. On this Equinox, the turning of times, this thin place together, would you consider supporting the Abbey? This could be a one-time gift or a monthly donation. Every little bit helps and, as I said at the beginning, we're so grateful that you're here, regardless of your ability to support. If you'd like to donate and keep the Abbey doors open, you can do so here: As always, questions, reflections, and prayers welcome.

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2021-09-22 19:51:06 UTC