“As I walk each day, fall offers solace with her unbearable beauty. But some days, the wind gusts through and the trees are stripped bare. I weep at the ache I feel when I consider how everything I love in this world will one day die. The season calls me to let go of false assumptions, wrests my too-small images of God from me as I enter the Mystery of dying and rising. Autumn demands that I release what I think is important to do and returns me to the only thing which matters that I remember—to love and to allow love to sculpt me, even as it breaks my heart.” -Christine Valters Paintner What are the “too-small images of God” you have held onto past their time? Is there anything you need to let go of now, this autumn, this time of letting go and letting fall away? What is this season inviting you into with God?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-09-24 14:16:26 UTC