Does the thought of preparing for winter hibernation bring up anxiety in you? Do you find yourself falling into fear of scarcity, asking “Where will I find enough to last me through the coming months of deep, dark barrenness? How much *is* enough, anyway? What if I *think* I’ve gathered enough, and it turns out I haven’t?” Do those questions come up in you? Some of us take this “preparing to hibernate” invitation, and begin to spin – or begin working tirelessly to make *absolutely sure* there will be enough, for ourselves and our loved ones. What began as an invitation to gather the gifts of this season - as stores of nourishment for the next - becomes one more way we try to control, to avoid pain, to ensure our own security and survival. Or does even the idea of hibernating – resting instead of being outwardly productive – bring up feelings in you? Do you find yourself immediately responding with a “no, thanks” to this whole idea of mirroring the natural world in taking the long, cold months to lie fallow and rest? Even when you are finding yourself exhausted and in need of this deep rest? What do you think is behind these internal responses? We talked last week about some of our inordinate attachments that leave us “unfree” to live into our lives and respond to God in the moment we sense some kind of invitation. If this invitation to hibernate is touching on something for you – whether you are aware of desire or resistance – consider with God what might be going on in your soul, and what God might be inviting *you* into in this season.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-10-19 13:40:49 UTC