The men and women we consider “saints” (whether recognized officially by the church or not) each have a story. You can look at their lives and see who they were “before”, and how their experience of life with God transformed them into these encouraging examples of deep faith we see now. And even then, they are not perfect, by any means. They remain human, and – like all of us – find themselves struggling, sometimes with the same things, over and over. This does not disqualify them – just as it does not disqualify each of us from being saints and beloveds. Sometimes we want our saints – our shining examples of faith – to be everything we wish we were (including: perfect). But it is refreshing, and even beautiful, to see the flaws in the ones we look to for encouragement and inspiration. One Benedictine nun says it this way: “But the flaws of saints are like the wounds of the Risen Christ, channelling the love of God to others through their very brokenness.” So, as we move toward All Saints’ Day, consider diving into the life of some particular saint that draws your attention. Read their story. Consider their words and their life. Take in their humanity – in all its glory and imperfection. Sit with the ways they became like Jesus. Wonder about their journeys, and about what draws you to them. Let their faith encourage yours in this season, as you are present to them in all their flaws and saintliness. Receive the love of God through the brokenness and the beauty.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-10-26 14:08:08 UTC