Good morning, all. This week, we are going to be talking about family – in all its sacredness and brokenness. What comes to mind when you think of your own family – whether that is your family of origin, one you created as an adult, far-off relatives, or friends that became family? Is it the messiness or the beauty - or both? Family – however that may have looked for us – is where we first experience what it is like to relate to others in the world. It is the place we are first meant to experience safety, security, belovedness…but it gets complicated, doesn’t it? It’s a place our identity is mirrored back to us from our earliest moments, but sometimes those reflections can end up a bit distorted – we see ourselves in the eyes of our caregivers, for better or worse, and these early experiences stay with us throughout our lives. Then, many of us create our own little (or big) families, and we continue to work out our identities in the context of the relationships we have now chosen into. As we begin this week, consider a couple of statements. Notice your internal response to them. Begin to be curious about your own experience of family and about what may still be possible. Have a conversation with God about whatever comes up around this topic this week (especially as many of us will be seeing some of our extended family/family of origin this week, or in the coming weeks, with all the holidays!). So: Family is sacred. AND Family is broken. What do those statements bring up for you? Do you resonate with one or the other? With both? What are the memories and experiences that come to mind as you hold the SACREDNESS of the family (yes, *your* family)? What are the memories and experiences that come to mind as you hold the BROKENNESS of the family (yes, *your* family)? What do you find yourself wanting, in relation to family in this season? Talk through some of this with God today (and this week, whatever comes) - and feel free to share here, as well!

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2021-11-22 15:23:35 UTC