“As long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living…Men cannot continue long to live if the dream in the heart that perished. It is then that they stop hoping, stop looking, and the last embers of their anticipation fade away. The dream in the heart is the outlet. It is one with the living water welling up from the very springs of Being. Where there is no dream, the life becomes a swamp, a dreary dead place and, deep within, a man’s heart begins to rot. The dream need not be some great and overwhelming plan; it need not be a dramatic picture of what might or must be someday; it need not be a concrete outpouring of a world-shaking possibility of sure fulfillment. Such may be important for some; such may be crucial for a particular moment in human history. But it is not in these grand ways that the dream nourishes life. The dream is the quiet persistence in the heart that enables a man to ride out the storms of his churning experience…The dream is no outward thing. It does not take its rise from the environment in which one moves or functions. It lives in the inward parts, it is deep within, where the issues of life and death are ultimately determined. Keep alive the dream; for as long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living.” – Howard Thurman, Meditations of the Heart “Keep alive the dream.” What dream(s) do you have, that gives life to your soul in such a way that keep you moving through your days with hope and persistence? If you have difficulty naming it right now, consider what you dreamed of when you were younger (a child, even). How does that dream still sustain you now; or how has it shifted and grown in the depths of your soul? See if you can name your own dream today. It does not need to be dramatic or world-shaking (though it might be!). It may be very quiet inside you. Listen in today, and see if you can name the dream that carries you.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-02-10 15:14:54 UTC