Good morning and Happy Easter, friends! Today marks the second day of a fifty-day season of celebration. It’s not just Easter Sunday that’s a party—after the 40 long, somber days of Lent, we are greeted by 50 joyous ones! Fasting is forbidden during the week after Easter in many traditions, and we are invited instead to the table for a great feast. What might it look like for you to really engage with the Easter season this year? How might you be invited to “feast”? And what is it like to hear that invitation, in the context of all that is going on in our world – in the midst of war and so much suffering (in our own lives and elsewhere)? How do you hold both the realities of a world that feels like it’s burning AND the reality of Easter’s new life? What might it look like to lean into the celebrating, even when these other things are also true? What do you sense is the invitation for you, this Easter season?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-04-18 13:34:35 UTC