Artistic Afternoons: Found Poetry as a Tool for Lament in Transition Today, “transition” one set of words as they appear on the page into a *new* thing – a poem made from the ashes, as it were, of what was. Take a page or two from a book (any book you don’t want whole, or make a copy or print out the pages if you JUST. CAN’T. cut up a page of a book. Notice what words grab your attention as you read through. What reflects your story or the state of your soul? Cut them out, leave them on the table, read through the rest, keep cutting. When you have a sizeable pool of words to draw from, look at them. What connections do you notice? When you are in this phase of the process, it can feel so messy, like grief at losing what-was and not yet knowing what is to come. As you start to see connections and make meaning out of words and phrases connecting with each other, you are participating in creating something new – just as we do when we’ve left one situation or way of being and make our way into a new one. When you’ve created your “poem”, glue it down, and then share it with God. Tell God what came up for you in that process, and how it gives a visual (or not) to the ways you are in transition now. If you’d like, share your “found poem” with us!

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2020-11-20 00:58:02 UTC