Hi, friends. My name is Christen, and I’m just venturing into this space. A little about my journey thus far... I grew up in evangelical circles and later (post-college) converted to Catholicism. The beauty and structure of that tradition spoke deeply to me, as did some of the unique pieces of Catholic theology. I’ve been drawn to the Abbey because of a deep (and mostly unfulfilled) longing for spiritual community. Even before the isolation of 2020, I really struggled to find a church or spiritual home that felt resonant. Admittedly, that’s been a tough thing. I consider myself Christian, but my faith journey and perspective have also been deeply informed by other religious traditions. As a side-gig (and soul-passion!), I do astrology readings for people, and the study of the stars has played a large role in my life and experience of Divinity. Fun fact: I’m generally a pretty quiet and gentle soul that seems more the bookworm type (and that I am!), but I also have a fiery side and am an avid Crossfitter, runner, and living room dancer. Really looking forward to connecting in this space. A question(s) for you all: What’s something about you that people may not know or guess? Or, what’s one way that you feel especially seen or spoken to by God? Blessings, Christen

Posted by Deleted (fd4dcbc9) at 2021-01-04 01:23:48 UTC