The lives and words of the saints have been inspirational and instructive for many Christians over the centuries. Sitting with their stories, listening at their feet—these ones who lived both ordinary and extraordinary lives with God—has been a part of faith for many millions the past two millennia. We are comforted that they had some of the same struggles, and emboldened by their experiences of connection with God. We wonder at their miracles and martyrdoms. But also, some of their stories are just plain weird. Most experiences of the miraculous are, I suppose, but these ones really take the cake. From visions and ecstasies to stigmata and levitation, the stories of these holy ones are full of the unbelievable. Some accounts are almost certainly embellished, but some equally incredible stories seem to be authentic accounts of the miraculous (and otherwise) in the lives of these holy ones. These ones who have leaned in toward God with their whole lives, even when it means things we wouldn’t expect (and probably, often, that *they* didn’t expect!). This week, we’re going to spend time with some of these weird saints. Who are your favorite holy weirdos? St. Symeon sitting atop his pillars for decades? Teresa of Avila with her ecstasies? How has listening to the lives of the saints been part of the spiritual journey for you? Or is this unfamiliar territory? Either way, let’s listen in this week to the lives and words of some of the odd folks who became known as saints (and, to be fair: aren’t we all? Strange and holy and beloved?). ___ Image is a mosaic of Lebanese St. Charbel (a 19th century monk to whom were attributed multiple healings - both before and after his death) in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York. Photo by Sergio Mena Ferreira via Unsplash.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-05-23 14:48:47 UTC