Midday Meditation: Stay A Blessing for Ascension Day I know how your mind rushes ahead trying to fathom what could follow this. What will you do, where will you go, how will you live? You will want to outrun the grief. You will want to keep turning toward the horizon, watching for what was lost to come back, to return to you and never leave again. For now hear me when I say all you need to do is to still yourself is to turn toward one another is to stay. Wait and see what comes to fill the gaping hole in your chest. Wait with your hands open to receive what could never come except to what is empty and hollow. You cannot know it now, cannot even imagine what lies ahead, but I tell you the day is coming when breath will fill your lungs as it never has before and with your own ears you will hear words coming to you new and startling. You will dream dreams and you will see the world ablaze with blessing. Wait for it. Still yourself. Stay. —Jan Richardson

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2022-05-27 00:37:45 UTC