When we know—really know—we are beloved, it changes so much about us and our lives. We no longer have to live clinging to the things we thought we needed, but can open generously to the ones around us—and see *their* belovedness, too! When we know how beloved *we* are, we can trust, too, on behalf of the beloved ones around us. It is truly a radical shift, from needing to control or fix the painful situations in people’s lives (including our own!), to the rest that comes with trust that we are, in fact, God’s loved ones—cared for deeply, held safe, known. What does it shift for you? What would be different about how you live into your world, if you had this moment-by-moment trust, this deep-seated knowing of your belovedness? As you go through your day today, just notice: what situations come up that get you into old patterns of defensiveness or control? Instead of judging yourself for those, as you notice them, consider instead simply reminding yourself: “I’m the beloved” and/or “they, too, are the beloved.” What do these reminders do in your soul?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-06-14 14:22:27 UTC