"We are called to be and become, ever more deeply, the beloved. When we do, we don’t stay curled up in our homes, in comfort, resting assured. No belovedness does the very opposite, it sends us out into the world to reclaim and renew the belovedness of all beings. Theologian Cynthia Moe-Lobeda writes, 'It seems that the love to which Jesus calls us emerges from a way of perceiving the world and of being in it, as well as a way of acting and feeling in response to it. It is the perception that the neighbor bears infinite worth and is irrevocably beloved by God; she or he is, before all else, a creature beloved by God.'" – Claire Curran How are you being invited this week to participate in “reclaiming and renewing” the belovedness of all beings? As one small beginning today, try this: Close your eyes for a moment, and picture the people you know – the ones you live with, your neighbors, the ones you are related to, the ones you work with, your friends, your barista. As each comes to mind, say simply “the beloved”—even if the reality of your relationship with or understanding of them is anything but simple. What is it like to join God in naming these Beloveds? Add yourself to the end of the list, too, letting go all the complicated awarenesses you have of yourself, and letting yourself be simply “the beloved” for a moment. What does this acknowledgement of the truth of these beloveds invite you out into? Do they know how loved they are? Do you? See if you have any sense of further invitation into this, even if it is something that seems very small (or, conversely, very big and scary!). Talk through it with God. See what *your* Beloved is inviting you into today (not your sense of “should” or anything else). Even if it takes a little courage to step into, consider saying “yes” to the invitation you are sensing. Live into your belovedness just a little more today.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-06-17 14:26:54 UTC