Times of uncertainty can feel differently to different people at different times. It can be a space for worry and fear to raise their head, or a space for mystery and possibility (or both!). Think of a child with their parent. Depending on their experience with them, a moment of uncertainty will often send them running back to their caregiver for reassurance. But if they have a sense of security in that relationship, the same uncertainty can also open up a new space for experimenting and discovery (and play!). What would it be like for you to see some of the uncertainty in your own life as opening up space for you to explore? What would it be like to respond with play instead of worry? To, like a child secure with their mother, perhaps initially run to God-as-parent, letting that parent know your anxiety about a given thing—but then, knowing that parent is there, crawling back out into the uncertain place to explore and play, all still within the context of that safe relationship? The invitation is not to hide the anxiety, but to let it invite us into the uncertainty in new ways—connected, secure, open to new possibilities. Is this how you typically feel in the face of uncertain times? What is your sense of the invitation in this for you? What does it look like to lean into a secure relationship with God; then—fears shared and perhaps quieted a bit—step out into the unknown with a courage born of that connectedness? What would it change for you? For the world?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-06-28 14:43:12 UTC