These are uncertain times. We aren’t quite sure what to pray, or how to be, in so many situations in the world right now. Really, this is not a new place to be—there is always something going on in our lives, in our communities, or in the world at large, that qualifies as “uncertain” in some way. But in some seasons, it can be overwhelming—how much we just aren’t sure of. It’s a tricky place to live, this place of unknowing. But it’s also—by its very nature of being uncertain—a space that makes room for mystery and new possibilities. And yet, we find ourself unsure what to say and how to be in these tensions and unsettledness. We slide around in between our history and our hopes, here in the uncertain present. What might it look like for you to name some of the uncertainties you are holding right now, and to name what has-been and perhaps what you hope-will-be (or fear-will-be)—but then to situate yourself firmly in the uncertain in-between? What do you find yourself wanting to say to God in that space? What questions do you want to ask? Let the uncertain places you are aware of right now open up space for connecting-in-the-midst today. Let your prayer be your questions and your longings. Ask. Listen. Be-with God in the uncertainties you are carrying. Let God be-with you, even when there aren’t answers yet.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-07-01 13:50:20 UTC