Thus far, we’ve been talking about solitary walks with God and the kind of prayer that can come out of that. But we can walk-and-pray *together*, too! Whether we share any words—or simply walk in silence together—our shared attention to the world, to God, to ourselves, and to each other can be a powerfully connecting act of prayer. When we open our mouths and share our words and have a conversation, together with God, that, too, can be very powerful! We may carry on a conversation directed at another, and we may occasionally speak to (or listen for) God, as if another friend was walking with us (because One is!). What might it look like for you to take a prayerful walk with a friend or family member? Might you exclaim together over the beauty, share your worries and pains with each other, and listen well to the verbal and nonverbal, the visible and invisible? What cares are you holding, that someone walking with you might help shoulder (or help you let it rest on the ground for a while, held by God’s love)? How might you join in God’s care of another, and let them express God’s affection to you—all through a regular, everyday walk? Might even your shared laughter be prayer, for you and your companion?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-07-21 13:30:53 UTC