Today is the last day of this year’s summer. What will you miss from this season? What do you need to say goodbye to, as you turn toward what is next? What are you losing, and what are you grieving, in this season? There are many joys to come (and much else) in the next season, but for today, let’s acknowledge what this season has been for us. If you’d like, share in the comments one or two things that you enjoyed this summer, but are now saying goodbye to as you make space to welcome what will come with the beginning of fall. Name the gifts, but also name what has been hard about this season—that you are also saying goodbye to (if, perhaps, with a bit less grief). Again, one or two things that come to mind that this season held, that you are ready to let go as you move into autumn’s offerings. As you read others’ summer gifts (and whatever else), join them in their gratitude and their goodbyes. Let’s move together out of one season and into another, with intention, with God holding it all as we do.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-09-21 13:30:50 UTC