Sometimes we think that every season should look the same spiritually—like deep, intentional pursuit of this God who is always pursuing us. But sometimes, in some seasons, we are invited into something different. Invited into rest, even when our experience tells us we “should” be doing XYZ to draw near. If this is a season where you feel particularly spent in many areas of your life, what might it be to stop “trying harder” spiritually and let yourself simply rest in the arms of God—like a child might relax into her parent’s embrace when she’s overtired? Not trying to do anything or make anything happen in the relationship, but simply learning to rest when you’re weary? What comes up in you when you do? Are there fears that you’re “doing it wrong”, or that it will somehow make God pull away? What do you do with those? Or do you find yourself taking a big breath, relief pouring over you as you let yourself be right where you are at, with God? Do emotions you’ve been keeping at bay come up, like tears of grief or anger? What would it be to let God hold those, too? Not to let them go like they’re not there, but to actually express them—in whatever way makes sense to your tired body and soul right now? Let God carry the weight of the relationship for now (for always?). See if you can lean into trusting that it doesn't all depend on you. That it's okay to rest (even from praying!). That God will still be with you. Is with you. Right now. In this moment. However you are.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2022-09-28 14:18:18 UTC