From David Cole: "In the stories in the Bible, we see instances of people being raised from the dead. This is resurrection power at work in the world in the days of the living. Resurrection power isn't just about raising your soul into a new body at the end of all time; it is about that power being at work in the world today, in our mortal bodies. This resurrection power comes from Christ within us, Christ who was raised from the dead living inside us. This was something which the Celtic saints seemed to take as a literal teaching, believing that, through the power of the risen Christ living in them, they could raise people from the dead." This resurrection power, much like the idea of holiness, gets treated either as a magical measure of faith, a somewhat insanity-tinged believe that we can make God do what we want, and something of a historical anomaly or inaccurate scientific view of the world. We swing wildly between doubt and extreme faith when it comes to resurrection and that power being within us. And yet, death and resurrection surround the Celts and surround us. In the Northern Hemisphere we are coming upon winter, in the Southern we come upon summer. The silence of the trees, the way leaves are greening, all held in a cradle of mulched earth—death becoming life, becoming death, becoming life. These circles of time and the actual power of Christ within us, hold invitation this Advent. What are you being called to notice? #celticadvent #2022

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2022-12-02 22:16:48 UTC