It's the last day of Christmas -- and the last day of our book giveaway! We hope this season has been generous in its gifts for your soul, as we begin the season of Epiphany tomorrow! How do you observe the ending of Christmas and beginning of Epiphany? Do you have a Twelfth Night party? Ceremonially take out the Christmas tree and decorations? Chalk your doors? Share a king cake? Like the Magi, look toward the starlight of whatever God is inviting *you* to in this next season? We'd love to hear what your particular way of being in these days are (and if this part of the liturgical calendar is new to you, you may want to look into some of these practices as a way of marking sacred time, here, too!). We'd also love to hear some of the gifts of this Christmas season for you. Close your eyes for a moment, and be present to your experience of these most recent twelve days. What stands out to you? What are the moments of connection--with others, with God, with yourself--that have felt like gift the past couple of weeks since Christmas began? What moments have you unwrapped that felt like they were just for you? 🎁🎁🎁 Now, back to the giveaway! Today's books are: πŸ“š God Speaks Through Wombs: Poems on God's Unexpected Coming by Drew Jackson and πŸ“š The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy by Nick Bantock (an artful story told through the correspondence of two strangers) If you'd like to win today, find someone in your own geographical region here in the Abbey and connect with them! (Go to the "search" magnifying glass in the top right corner, and search for your state or city or whatever makes sense for where you are! Names should pop up that you can click into their profile from there, if there are Abbey members in your area! If not, you could wander around profiles till you find someone within a couple of states ;) You may simply send them a message request ("friend" them), or you may want to consider the invitation posted yesterday to chalk doors together (scroll back to find the post about Epiphany door-chalking--there is a link to a liturgy there, too!), if someone is that close (and you are feeling that brave ;) ! Let us know you've reached out, and you'll be entered to win today's (final!) drawing! And a bonus entry if you share what one or two gifts of this season have been, for you! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2023-01-05 16:26:55 UTC