Deconstruction, spiritually speaking, is not the same as the experience of doubt (the other side of the coin of faith) or the experience of the dark night of the soul (which is an experience of new intimacy precipitated by the Beloved engaging in new or different ways) or even depression—although all three of these can lead to or be a part of the experience of deconstruction. To be in the midst of deconstruction is to be in the midst of a profoundly courageous process of taking apart the structures (sometimes dogmas) of our faith systems. Sometimes those structures were given to us lovingly; sometimes they were given to us oppressively, and sometimes a complex combination of both. Often deconstruction is precipitated by an experience of hurt or betrayal by our religious structures. That's not always the case, but as we think together about what this kind of journey entails, it matters to remember that what has been trustworthy has come into question for those experiencing this kind of faith shift. This is a profoundly destabilizing time, and as a result, so much can feel at risk. Have you experienced a time of deep destabilization in your spiritual journey?

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2023-01-11 15:08:51 UTC