MLK Day Prayer God of love and justice, I praise you for the wonder and beauty of the diversity of the human family. And I confess my fear of the gift, my buried, subtle bias against people of color, my preference for what is white and familiar. I confess all my sin, including racism. I confess my silence in the face of injustice. Forgive my sin, and transform it. Heal my fear, and open my eyes. Give me humility to admit when I am biased, and honesty to be a learner when I'm not sure what to do or say. Help me be aware of my privilege and steward it with humility and compassion. Give me courage to take risks, to bear witness, to speak out against injustice. God, grant me the joy of living in harmony with Christ, by the grace of your Holy Spirit. Amen. __________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

Posted by Tara Owens, Abbess at 2023-01-16 14:33:18 UTC