One of the best parts of the wilderness is how *spacious* it is. When we come out of a space that has felt constricting for various reasons, the spaciousness of the wilderness can feel like a shock at first—but, at the same time, a welcome wide-open-ness. A place we can (finally) breathe, after feeling restricted—or even trapped!—for so long. There is space here for our full selves. Space for the grief that is certainly there—we have lost much along the way (even if it is a good move, this stepping into the wilderness, there are things we had to let go to get there—and grief comes with that letting go). Space for the delightful unfolding of our truest selves with God. Space for all the desires and longings we may have kept at bay for so long. If you are aching for more space to unfold, feeling cramped in places that no longer fit your soul (even if they once did!), what would it be to consent to a season of meeting God in wilderness spaces? To step out and do some exploring, to face the hard things, too, as Jesus did in his own wilderness experience? How might God be waiting out there for you and your unfolding (even as God is with-you in the too-small spaces, too!)?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-01-27 15:26:21 UTC