Artistic Afternoons: Draw what this season feels like for you. Is there a big open space of isolation surrounding you? Are others far away? Or is your very space invaded by all the humans you live with (big and small), so that there is very little white space at all? Is it a colorful time for you? Or does the sameness of daily life in a pandemic strike you as more gray? Draw the people (stick figures are totally fine) and “stuff” of your life right now. Then sit with what you’ve drawn, and offer it to God as a prayer. Perhaps it will begin a longer conversation, or perhaps stick-figure-drawing is as close as you can get to prayer in this season. Let it be what it is. Let God hear your experience of life right now. Let God be with you in it.

Posted by Anam Cara Abbey at 2020-11-23 21:30:36 UTC