Artistic Afternoons: Create a cozy spot in your home for "wintering" in. You may already have a spot you gravitate toward in the cold and dark season, but add something to it today. Design your own place of wintering. This might mean adding lights or candles, books or pillows, a warm blanket or a cup of tea, or even a little mini winter-altar right there in your own home. What makes you feel most comfortable in the frozen seasons? (Note: I highly recommend you actually embody this and put it into practice in your actual space; but if that is not available to you for some reason today, consider designing that space on paper. What would your "dream" cozy spot look like? This may be a step before the putting into place, but still a practice of leaning in to what it means to be in a season of winter!)

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-02-27 23:46:11 UTC