Artistic Afternoons: Make a wintery nature mandala/artful arrangement. Go for a walk, or around your yard or a local park—wherever you can find some nature! If it’s possible where you live, gather some bits and pieces of whatever naturally is occurring in the world around you. Once you have collected a pile of things, arrange them into a pattern you like, perhaps a set of concentric circles. Make it as simple or intricate as you like. If the only nature you have access to right now is snow, draw a few patterns into some as your “nature mandala” for this week of very much “wintering.” Then, I encourage you to come back each week to gather again—as winter moves toward spring—as a way of being present to the season of the world around you, really rooting into your own space on this globe. Make a new arrangement each week of Lent and see what shifts in the course of those six weeks! (And share a photo with us of whatever you gather together today, your little signs of winter where you are!)

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-02 21:30:52 UTC