Good morning, friends. We are a couple of weeks into the wilderness season of Lent, and we want to talk about the *courage* it takes to go into the wilderness, and to stay, even when things get hard. You (yes, you) are more courageous than you even realize, walking out into the barren places, trusting that God will meet you there, and we want to name that this week. We’ll also be talking about the wideness of the wilderness, how it welcomes every part of us, and all our “stuff” (which takes courage, too, to be sure, to open up and allow ourselves to see it all). So, did you know you were being brave, in choosing to listen to the invitation out? To respond and take those steps into the unknown places, trusting that this, too, would be a place God would be with you? How does it feel to hear your courage named? What are the immediate responses that rise up in you when you hear those words? Do you instantly dismiss the idea altogether? Do you wonder—maybe even hope—it could be true? Let’s lean in and listen for the voices of God and other witnesses to our courage. Let’s keep taking those brave steps (when it is also kind to our souls), and calling them out in ourselves and in each other.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-06 14:30:54 UTC