Midday Meditation: Pause right now and ask yourself what you feel like you *should* be doing, thinking, feeling, or saying. Just notice with God what the shoulds in you are. Then, wonder, too, with God for a bit about what you *want* to be doing, thinking, feeling, or saying. Is there a difference? If there is overlap, does it feel different to you to consider doing those things from a sense of desire, versus obligation? If there isn’t overlap, what does that tell you about the way you are living out your life? What might one little step toward freedom—allowing yourself to express and pursue the desires of your heart, rather than remain constrained by all that “should”—be today, right now? What arises in you as you consider taking that step? Open up whatever comes with God, in this moment—the fear, the desire, the guilt, the sense of possibility, whatever else you begin to see in you. Let God hold it all with you, for you, on your behalf (sometimes these things can get a little heavy). What invitation(s) are you sensing?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-13 17:52:33 UTC