Artistic Afternoons: The “shoulds” are what stifles our creativity, far too often. We attempt to draw or paint or sculpt, and think we know what it “should” look like; so when it doesn’t, we may give up, feeling we’ve failed (and why did I ever think I could be creative anyway?). But when we step into creativity with freedom, allowing for messiness and accidents and whatever comes (instead of requiring perfection, or whatever we feel we “should” be aspiring to), it opens up an entirely new place for our souls to play and pray. We become co-creators, even when it’s not how we think it “should” look, sometimes. Play creatively in some way this afternoon, without worrying how you “should” do it or how it “should” look or sound when you’re done. A poem doesn’t have to have a certain number of lines, or a particular rhyming scheme – just let whatever is in you pour out, as you are present to the world around you. Who says your drawing shouldn’t look like a child’s? Let it be what it is. Color inside or outside of the lines with freedom. Let it be your own messy, beautiful prayer.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-13 20:47:05 UTC