Free Write Friday: Divide your page down the middle. The left side is for the "shoulds"; the right side is for your desires and for the reality of your experience. So, running down the left column, write a list of things that you are aware of "shoulding" yourself about. Or just begin each line with "I should...." and see what comes. I should do _____. I should *want* to _____. I should believe _____. I should try harder to_____. I should feel _____. (et cetera) Then, on the right side, make a very different list, one that emerges from your real self, your desires, your actual experience of life and God. I want _______. I believe _______. I long for ______. I hope ______. I feel ______. Compare the lists when you're done. How do you feel reading each one? What invitation do you sense coming out of what you've written?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-17 20:30:03 UTC