Artistic Afternoon: Go for a walk (even just around your home, if getting out is difficult!) today, collecting some of the first bits of spring. You may want to actually pick things and bring them inside (your own, of course, or with permission!), arranging them into something that reminds you of these first spring days (when it may not quite *feel* like spring yet). Or you may want to "collect" them with your camera, bringing them home to draw or paint from, or put into a photo collage of some kind. However you collect spring today, let yourself experience it with all your senses--what is spring looking, sounding, tasting, smelling, and feeling like, today? What do you feel in response to this new season? (And if you are in the Southern Hemiphere, feel free to translate all of this to fall arriving, and collecting *those* bits and pieces!)

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-21 20:30:38 UTC