Artistic Afternoons: Take another photo today, but this time, get down low. If you can, get on the ground (if not, let your camera down as low as you can). What is there to see, that you normally move through life floating above? Perhaps you notice how dirty your floor is or find some toy that got lost under the couch ages ago. If you’re outside, maybe you see a rock or a plant or an animal that you’d never have noticed if you had just been going about your regular day. What is it like to get down low, to change your perspective for a while? What feelings come up in you as you *see* these things? Is there wonder? Shame? Annoyance? Delight? How do you feel when you take the path of descent in your spiritual journey, into your own soul? When you see some of what’s there, that you hadn’t taken time to attend to in the midst of all the work or service or excitement of those moments on the ascending path? Do you find you feel some of the same things? Spend some time here today, down low (whether that’s literally on the floor or not). And share a photo of this perspective in your own space (even if the floor is dirty!) here in the comments (or tag us on IG). Let’s share not only our soaring heights (as we did with the sky view last time), but also our low-down places, the ones that bring up other kinds of feelings and awarenessess--and are as much a part of the journey as the high places. What are the gifts of seeing and being-seen here on the ground, in the depths?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-03-28 21:18:11 UTC