Midday Meditation: In the beginning God said Let there be light and the light entered the darkness and changed it forever. The darkness is still dark, but full of light; and the darkness cannot limit the light. And now God has said Let there be life and the life has entered death and changed it forever. Death is still death, but full of life; and death cannot limit life. Christ has died and entered into our death and changed it forever. Christ is risen, risen into us, and we are changed forever, the Body of Christ. We are still ourselves, but full of Christ, and the self cannot limit the Christ in us. Christ is risen; we are risen indeed. - Steve Garnaas-Holmes The darkness is still dark (but full of light). Death is still death (but full of life). Hold these impossible tensions of this Easter season for a bit today. What are the places that are dark in your experience right now, even in this season of celebration? Where do you see light in the midst of it? What are the places of death, loss, and grief in your life right now? How are even those places touched with the life of Easter? What is it like to hold both the light and the dark, both death and life, in the same season, in your soul? How does God--the one without these limits--hold these realities with you?

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-04-10 20:56:00 UTC