Hello Friends, No live stream this evening for evening prayer. However, I did want to leave you with this poem/reflection that I recently discovered as you enter into this Sabbath day. Rest in God by Maivpajtsa In the Lord, our unsettled hearts find peace, A serenity beyond what words can say, Nestled in His loving arms, we release All worries and strife, as we humbly pray. He beckons us to a higher place, Where we can cast our burdens down, And find solace from the human race, Our feet planted firmly on solid ground. The One who crafted the earth and sky, Abstained from work, and so shall we, In His rest, our worries will subside, Sin's dark stain no longer our decree. An end to futility and endless chores, No longer chasing a mountain of gold, In His presence, there's peace in store, A life where our spirits can truly unfold. So leave worldly troubles at the door, Rest in God, who loves us all so, In His arms, He has supremely more, For us to discover and grow. Shabbat shalom friends . . . #sabbath #shabbat

Posted by Jeremy Frye, Prior at 2023-04-22 00:00:09 UTC