Artistic Afternoons: Draw the life cycle of a plant. You may want to choose one you have in your home or yard, or a favorite kind of fruit tree or…the possibilities are endless. But do a bit of research and learn about their life cycle, kinds of seeds, seed pods, flowers, what the seedlings and mature growth all look like. Then, like when you were in grade school, draw the life cycle of that particular plant. Draw the circular arrows between them, too, showing how this plant reproduces the next generation as well! As you draw each phase of this plant’s life, hold the seasons and stages of your own life along the way. What in you is in seed form (hint: you may not even know about it, because it’s buried deep and waiting!)? What has just begun sprouting and needs a little extra protection from being trampled by careless passersby? What is growing strong and sturdy in you? What blooms and fruits do you see being born in you? Just talk through the whole cycle as you go, with God, and see what comes up (and feel free to share your life cycle drawings/what emerged in the process with us!).

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-04-24 20:30:16 UTC