Midday Meditation: We already did a Visio Divina this week, but today, let’s engage ALL of our senses in meditating on a piece of fruit—really leaning into *this* incredible part of the plant life cycle. If you have ripe fruit on hand, pull a piece out—whether that’s one strawberry or a whole pear; an apple, an orange, or a dragonfruit. Take it in your hands and begin to look at it.What are the colors? It’s not just a “red apple”. There are tiny dots and streaks of variegation on its skin (perhaps similar to your own). What is the shape of your particular piece of fruit? Not just the kindergarten shape of a pear, but *this* pear? What does it feel like in your hands? Is it cool, smooth, fuzzy? Smell that piece of fruit. Can you catch much of its scent as it sits in front of you, whole? What about when you cut (or bite!) into it, or peel it? How does the aroma change? What is the sound of its opening? Take a bite, if you can (if you haven’t already!). What is the sound of that? What is its taste? Enjoy it for a moment, letting it sit there, being tasted, for longer than you normally might. What is it like to savor it in that way? How would you describe the taste in words? As you continue to experience the fruit with all of your senses, consider what you are noticing in yourself. Is it simply a delighted presence? Is there something that is bringing up a memory or an association that you might like to explore? What else are you feeling in your body as you use your senses to explore this fruit of the earth? Talk to God about whatever is coming up. See if you have any sense of invitation in it, or if this was a simple moment of just being-together-and-present in the midst of whatever else your day is holding. Let it all unfold as it will. After you have processed and prayed through things, allow yourself another minute or two just to be present to the taste (or smell, or touch, or sound, or sight! Whatever was most evocative for you!) and to its Creator.

Posted by Jamie Bonilla at 2023-04-28 18:45:11 UTC